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2 Sep 2013




  Address: 24000 Subotica,

   38 Maxim Gorky street,

  Tel.: +381-24-663-100





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The Polytechnic school in Subotica exists for more than 60 years with a mission to…

-          foster quality relationships
-          practise modern and efficient teaching
-          constantly seek for new ideas to develop and implement better techniques
-          adapt to the needs, abilities and interests of students
-          encourage the personal development, work habits and skills of students

We have been continually educating young people who, after graduation, are:

-          fully ready for integration into the community
-          trained to work in the profession and
-          have a solid foundation for continuing their education

As a result of the mentioned above, more than 8.000 students have completed their studies and training in the three professional fields of our vocational school, out of which more than 2.000 in different educational profiles of Wood Processing, almost the same number in Typography and the others in the field of Surveying and Construction.

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A present from Polytechnic school for the 233 students graduating in the school year 2012/13

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